DHL is working hard to make sure its delivery fleet is using more sustainable transport. To aid this, the company has ordered around 2,000 all-electric Ford E-Transit vans for use in last mile situations and these will be deployed around the world. Of course, delivery companies like DHL are already using EV vans as part of their fleet and DHL already has 27,000 EVs in its fleet, but this new partnership between Ford and DHL could mean more for the future.

DHL has set aside €7 billion to expand out its zero-emissions fleet, which it intends to complete by the 2030. Ford will also assist DHL in new charging infrastructure. Other delivery companies are also doing more to use EVs, DPD for example is using a number of Ford E-Transit vans, in the UK Royal Mail are using more smaller electric vans and then there is Amazon – which has purchased and co-developed a large number of EV vans from Rivian which it is using in the US.