Around two weeks ago, Ubiquiti released the first version of UniFi OS 3.x for its UniFi OS Consoles, including the UDM SE, UCK-G2, UNVR and UDR. For those users on the UDM and the UDM Pro, Ubiquiti has publicly commented numerous times that a version of UniFi OS 2.x is in the works and is currently undergoing testing to ensure migrations are worry-free and seamless. However, Ubiquiti has been working on a load of new features, including many from feature requests over time from users.

UniFi OS 3.0.13 was released to GA around two weeks ago is available now for the Dream Machine SE, Cloud Key Gen2 and Gen2+, UNVR Pro and UNVR as well as the plucky little UDR. On all devices, this version now bring support for ‘Admin Activity to System Log’ which just means that admins will get notified via email or push when other admins log into the device and where from, be that a mobile device or the web UI. For firewall devices, support for WireGuard VPN has been added, after much public requesting from users.

Other features worth noting:

  • Ad-Blocking
  • VPN-Client Routing (This adds the ability to have a VPN client connected on your UDM/UDR and then route traffic from that VPN to a TV for example.)
  • For the UDM SE, PPPoE performance has been improved when using the 2.5GbE NIC
  • DHCP Client option 77 and 90 are now supported
  • For firewalls, trigger notifications have been added (This means that when a firewall rule has been tripped by a client, that information will be neatly displayed in the UI, showing you where and when it came from, with IP address and port information.)

UniFi OS 3.0.13 is out now for the UDM SE, UCK-G2, UNVR and UDR. More information can be found on the official Ubiquiti Community posts which are linked below.