Another week has gone by and its time, once again to go over the best stories we covered here on the interface. This week, DrivingElectric awarded the MG4 ‘Car of the Year’, DHL ordered 2,000 new Ford E-Transits and Ubiquiti released UniFi OS 3.0 for the UDM SE, UDR and the UCK-G2.

DrivingElectric awards the MG4 EV with ‘Car of the Year’

DrivingElectric has awarded the new MG4 with ‘Car of the Year’, the budget focused EV comfortably undercuts the likes of pretty much everything on the market, coming in at just £25,995 in the UK.

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Ubiquiti releases UniFi OS 3.x for UDM SE, UCK-G2, UNVR and UDR

Around two weeks ago, Ubiquiti released the first version of UniFi OS 3.x for its UniFi OS Consoles, including the UDM SE, UCK-G2, UNVR and UDR.

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DHL orders 2,000 all-electric E-Transit vans from Ford

DHL has set aside €7 billion to expand out its zero-emissions fleet, which it intends to complete by the 2030. Ford will also assist DHL in new charging infrastructure.

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