UK supermarket and department store, Marks & Spencer (M&S) has signed a new deal with BP to build around 900 new electric charging points at around 70 of the company’s stores. The chargers will be built over the next two years and will have a capacity of at least 50kW. At least one of the chargers at each store will have the ability to charge at up to 150kW.

Once the initial wave of 900 chargers has been installed and confirmed working, a study to test the feasibility will determine the installation of further stations at more M&S stores. BP Pulse will take care of the total installation, including future maintenance as and when needed.

The very first time BP and M&S started doing the EV chargers was back in 2020, with 15 50kW units being installed at M&S Maidstone and Southgate as part of an initial pilot scheme. These have probably been working well, if they are planning 900 more chargers.

“We know that services like EV charging are in demand from our customers, so we’re delighted to be offering this service and give more reasons for customers to shop with us.”

Sacha Berendji – M&S Director of Operations

BP Pulse have faced some issues at its charging network in the UK, with reports of issues at multiple locations. Hopefully the new units that are being installed at M&S locations will be more reliable than previous units. BP is also planning to invest £1 billion over the next 10 years to expand and improve its BP Pulse EV charging network.