Later today, Twitter is planning on relaunching Twitter Blue, after a rocky launch last month. The company announced this over the weekend and this also comes with a new price increase for users purchasing it via the iOS App Store. Twitter Blue will cost $8 per month on the web version or $11 per month on iOS. This price difference is how Twitter will be getting around the 15-30% cut Apple takes from in-app-purchases, this price increase is how Google charges for YouTube Premium and other companies have been dong this for a while, too.

Twitter Blue will be pretty similar to what it was when it launched in November. The subscription will offer a blue checkmark, 1080p videos, ability to edit tweets, undo tweets, reader modes and much more. There are however, a number of new caveats. For example, users wont be able to get the blue tick instantly, until their account has been manually reviewed and a phone number must be registered on the account. Users who change their username or display name will instantly lose the blue checkmark until the account is manually reviewed again.

The “Official” tag on brand accounts will once again be scrapped. Instead, there will be a new gold account for businesses and grey checkmark for government accounts and so on. Blue ticks will only represent individuals.

Later on, Twitter Blue will include less adverts in the feed, up to 50% less but this isn’t ready yet and will be “coming soon.” The new revamped Twitter Blue is due to launch later today.