Today, Twitter has seemingly suspended the account @ElonJet which was set up by Jack Sweeney, a college student. Sweeney has been running the account for a number of years and has been approached by Elon Musk a number of times, even being offered $5,000 to stop running the account only to then counter offer $50,000.

However, a few arguments can be made for and against what has happened to the account.

For example, this information is publicly accessible and comes from ADS-B Exchange which has been used for other accounts from Sweeney, including @ZuccJet which tracks Meta CEO Mark Zuckerburg’s private jet. Other people have recently used the data from ADS-B Exchange, including @rchase who runs the account @RJPJet, which is designed to do the same thing as @ElonJet but track Robert Pera’s private jet, the CEO of Ubiquiti and the owner of the Memphis Grizzlies.

While this information is publicly accessible, Elon has in the past stressed concern that it could be a safety risk and he has said he would not ban, as it is free speech. At the time of being banned, the account had around 500,000 followers.

Since being banned, Jack Sweeney moved the account to Mastodon, but is also active on Instagram.

Twitter no longer has a communications department that can be reached for comment regarding this.