Last night, a lot happened to the @ElonJet Twitter account, with the account being banned from Twitter, then reinstated for a short period of time then banned again. However, amongst all the chaos, Twitter has actually now banned Jack Sweeney’s account, the creator of the account.

The ban of Sweeney’s account was only a few hours after the main @ElonJet account was banned, along with all the others accounts he runs, including ones to track Jeff Bezos’ jet, Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates. Sweeny spoke to The New York Times and said around 30 of his accounts have now been suspended.

If you now visit @ElonJet or @jxcksweeney, you’ll now see a message that the account has been banned for violating Twitter’s rules. In response, Musk said the following:

Twitter has even rapidly changed their policy in the last 24 hours too, which now says that any links or information shared on Twitter related to travel routes or physical locations are now banned, regardless if this information is publicly available.

However, like yesterday’s first incident, it is pretty much impossible to get hold of Twitter for any form of comment, now that there is no press office to speak of, having been a direct result of the recent layoffs.

Other accounts, such as @RJPJet, designed to track billionaire Robert Pera, CEO of Ubiquiti is still operational.