I have been a longtime fan of Netatmo and their weather station for a number of years and have only just realised they make a unique product for the outdoor module, that will aim to make it more accurate. With the weather station, you get two devices, the indoor unit which connects to your WiFi network, then the outdoor module which goes outside, but the unit itself isn’t weather proof so cannot be placed in direct weather. However, in May this year Netatmo brought out the ‘Weather Station Shield’ which houses the outdoor module in a UV-resistant case, with air vents to make the measurements more actuate.

Netatmo says that with the shield: “You will therefore observe standard temperatures that are as close as possible to the measurements provided by the meteorological institutes.”

This Weather Station Shield can be purchased on its own from shop.netatmo.com for £34.99 in the UK, €39.99 in Europe or $39.99 in the US. In the UK and EU, Netatmo will sell the shield as part of a pack with all the other accessories, with a nice discount, £315 which includes the indoor module, outdoor module, shield, smart rain gauge and anemometer.

In terms of mounting, Netatmo has done a good job, it can be mounted on a wall, using the included screws and wall anchors, on a pole using the including cable ties or finally using the Netatmo Mount.