This week, Ubiquiti has made the first three products in the UISP Wave family available in the US and the EU, starting with the UISP Wave AP as well as the Long-Range and Nano CPE devices. Ubiquiti announced the new UISP Wave product line back in June this year and the devices have been in EA since around that time, with more devices due to be available sometime soon. In the announcement video, Ubiquiti had more devices than it has revealed so far, with a new Wave AP Micro, Wave AP Mesh and a Wave Professional CPE to come too.

UISP Wave is a new 60GHz PtMP solution and has some impressive range and capacity claims. Traditionally, the PtMP market has been saturated by 2.4GHz and 5GHz with Ubiquiti offering a wide range of products, such as airMAX M, airMAX AC and more recently LTU. The new Wave devices use the unlicensed and pretty empty 60GHz spectrum, with much less range but – much more capacity. The Wave AP can handle up to 15 clients with up to 5.4 Gbps total throughput. The UISP Wave devices also use a 5GHz backup radio which will automatically take over if something happens to the 60GHz connection, such as seriously heavy rain storms, which 60GHz cannot handle in some circumstances.

In terms of clients, the Wave Long-Range has a range of up to 8km and the Wave Nano, up to 5km. All three devices here are up for sale now on the official Ubiquiti Store in the US and EU. The Wave AP is $499, Wave Nano $199 and Wave Long Range, $299. As of writing, all of these devices are already sold out in the US.

In the EU, the Wave AP is €598.80, Wave Nano €238.80 and the Wave Long Range €358.80. UK pricing is £516.13, £205.83 and £309.26 respectively. Here in the UK and EU, all three models are – actually in stock.