Vauxhall has this week updated the all-electric Mokka Electric with a new larger battery pack which is now 54kWh with 51kWh usable capacity, which is replacing the previous 50kWh pack. The same larger pack will be coming to other Stellantis vehicles, including a refreshed Peugeot e-208.

The larger capacity helps the Mokka Electric out with more range, which is up by 20% over the outgoing model at 252 miles. The same pack in other Stellantis vehicles manages 249 miles, so we have a tad more here. As with the last model, we have rapid charging here at up to 100kW, which charges it up from 0-80% in just 30 minutes. Vauxhall have also fitted a new more powerful motor, with 154bhp – 19bhp more than before.

This new larger battery pack is expected to come to a refreshed Corsa Electric, as well as a new redesign in 2023.

The Mokka Electric costs from £34,155 as of writing, with he new model expected to be more than that. The new car will go on sale sometime in 2023.