As of yesterday, Apple has seemingly pulled the new and updated Home Architecture that can be found in iOS 16.2, macOS 13.1, HomePod 16.2 and other recent software versions. These new software versions have only been out for a little over one week and many users online have been reporting issues with HomeKit.

Since iOS 16.2 was released, the new and improved Home Architecture was also available, but required every Apple device to be updated to the latest software, which might have put some people off. Apple said that the new architecture offers “improved performance and reliability.”

However, many users have had issues with the Home app, devices being offline, users unable to be invited and many more. Yours truly has had a few issues with inviting users to the Home app and had to do multiple network resets on devices, reboots of Home hubs and even if the user was invited, the settings of them were never committed correctly. In the end, however it has started working again, much credit to Apple Support.

Some users on Reddit haven’t had any issues and some have, it does seem very hit and miss. However, the issues reported are obviously so much of an issue now, that it has forced Apple to pull the update. If you are already using the new Home Architecture, it is unfortunately not possible to revert.

If Apple provides any information soon, we’ll update this post with more details.