In a new post from MacRumors, it has been reported that Apple is now considering the ongoing issues with HomeKit and the Home App within iOS 16.2 and other new Apple operating systems as a “Major Issue.” This comes after numerous reports from users online and from the media in general about the ongoing stability issues and bugs with the new Home app architecture, which was introduced with iOS 16.2 earlier this month. Apple pulled the update for the new architecture last week and then issued official advice about what to do if users have problems inviting new users to the Home app.

The new Home app architecture was previewed at WWDC 2022 in June and was advertised as a new, more stable experience. Based on reports online, it works by making the accessories talk to the home hubs instead of a users device contacting each accessory, each time the Home app is opened up. According to users who haven’t had stability issues, this was working pretty well. It must be said that the new architecture was an ‘opt-in’ only upgrade at the time. However, shortly after being introduced, many users reported issues with offline accessories, issues inviting new people to access the HomeKit home, problems with HomePods recognising users and many more.

Apple has said that the new upgrade would be returning “in the future.”

MacRumors has reported that Apple uses an internal list, which is usually reserved for hardware related issues and is used by Apple, Apple Stores, and authorised service providers. It is pretty rare for a software related issue, like this Home app one to be on this list.