Land Rover is reported to be working on a new, all-electric Defender which will have a range of 300+ miles. The company will launch the EV model in a few years time, in 2025, as part of the mid-life refresh for the Defender. JLR is expected to have fully electric versions available in all sizes of the model including the 90, 110 and the larger 130.

JLR is also said to be using a new platform for the refreshed Defender. Moving from the current D7 Premium Lightweight Architecture to a new MLA Flex platform. The most important part is that the new platform supports both combustion engines and fully electric systems and it is already in use on the new Range Rover and Range Rover Sport, both of which will have fully electric versions due next year.

Other changes to the Defender will include a larger infotainment screen as well as an increased use of sustainable materials. However, the interior design has been received pretty well by customers, with a rugged yet modern design it is unlikely to be drastically changed with new versions.

However, the overall exterior design might change for the EV version, it’ll technically need no air intakes, with the current vents being likely blanked up, but this remains to be seen. Due to the car having a completely flat underside, the ground clearance could be superior to that of the current combustion version, resulting it a greater off-road performance, not to mention the supposed improved wading depth too.

Land Rover is expected to reveal the all new Defender EV in 2025.