Today, Ubiquiti has updated its logo for the first time in a while. The new design is pretty similar to the outgoing version, retaining the same block design on the U and same colour scheme. The old logo was designed by Ralph Pato and replaced the OG version from 2003.

Credit to @MacTelecomN on Twitter for spotting the change and it looks like the company has been pretty quick to update its apps, website, social media accounts and the store with the new branding. Judging from the header image on the company’s Twitter account, we do at least know what the UniFi APs will look like with the new logo on top.

It is most likely that the current devices being shipped out will still have the older logo, with it to be some time before the supply catches up with the new change. However, Ubiquiti might have been producing hardware with the new logo for a few weeks at this point, this isn’t clear.

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