Eve has this week announced at CES 2023, that some of its accessories including the Eve Door and Window, Eve Energy, and Eve Motion will come with Matter support baked in, ready to use out of the box with support for Matter. Currently, these devices are available for a firmware update to convert them from HomeKit only to Matter.

Eve has already starting rolling out the firmware required to these devices, but it is in beta at the moment.

NOTE: Eve products are one of the few smart home companies which don’t utilise any cloud and keep everything local, which is why for so long they chose to be a HomeKit only company.

The issue with doing the firmware upgrade at the moment is that they need to be adopted to a HomeKit setup first, then it’ll be possible to upgrade the firmware to make them Matter compatible. Matter is a new smart home standard that uses utilises Thread, among other standards to communicate. Thread networks are self-healing, don’t require dedicated hubs and the more devices you have, the more reliable the network gets. Matter enables cross platform interoperability, which makes something like these Eve devices work with HomeKit, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Samsung SmartThings – where previously they were HomeKit only.

Along with the products mentioned above, Eve has also announced that the Eve MotionBlinds will get support for Matter later this quarter. The MotionBlinds will also have new design options, including Honeycomb and Venetian blinds from Coulisse.

The Eve Door and Window, Eve Energy, and Eve Motion with Matter baked in from factory will be available from the official Eve website and Amazon on 28th March 2023.