It’s CES this week and Nanoleaf has launched a new line of Matter compatible smart lights, with new types, light fixtures, switches and much more. Nanoleaf has been making Thread compatible devices for a while now and something that wasn’t known before was whether not not existing Thead Nanoleaf products would get a software update to work with Matter. This has, thankfully been addressed by Nanoleaf, and like Eve devices Nanoleaf has confirmed that the existing devices that have Thread support out of the box will be software upgradable to work with Matter.

This week, Nanoleaf has revealed five new Matter-compatible smart lighting products, with a new 4D TV Screen Mirror Camera, Lightstrips Kit, Sense+ controllers and sensors, Skylight (header image) and a wide range of smart bulbs for recessed lighting.

Lightstrip and Essentials

First of all, Nanoleaf has reiterated its past announcement from November 2022, with the first Matter compatible smart lights and bulbs, including the Essentials range which is the A19, BR30, GU10 and a Recessed Downlight. There is also a new Matter compatible Lightstrip and all of these device will go on sale at some stage in Q1 2023. Existing hardware with currently has Thread support will work with Matter with a future software update.


The new Skylight is particularly interesting. It looks like a load of square panels attached together to make one customisable ceiling light panel, to bring RGBW LED to a whole room environment. The Skylight wont use Matter or Thread, instead using WiFi and will support all the smart features other Nanoleaf devices support. There isn’t any information about how the Skylight will be powered, as it could utilise the existing power in traditional overhead lighting.

The new Skylight will go on sale later this year in Q3 2023.

Sense+ Controls

The Sense+ devices are two devices, one is a light switch with motion sensors and the other is the Nala Learning Bridge which also acts as a Thread Border Router for expanding the Thread network in your home. All the devices have motion sensors, ambient lighting sensors and will work together to make the lighting change and adapt in the home. The Nala Learning Bridge is also a nice night light too.

Like the Skylight, the Sense+ devices will launch in Q3 2023.

Nanoleaf 4D

The Nanoleaf 4D is pretty similar to the Hue Sync, but instead of using a box in-between a source and the TV, it uses a camera to see what it is on TV and relays that to a light device, such as the Matter-compatible Smart Addressable Lightstrip. The kit includes a camera that you can mount below or above the TV and mounting brackets for the light strip.

Nanoleaf says the 4D Smarter Kit will launch in Q2 2023.