Ubiquiti has this week, made the new UISP Console available in the EU and UK. The device has been in the EA store for a good number of months, but at the time of writing it is still the case in the US Ubiquiti store. However, here in the UK and EU, the UISP Console is now GA, its in stock and available to purchase now.

So, what is the UISP Console?

Well, it is two things. It is a router and gateway in one, as well as being a UISP server which can run the UISP Application for a medium sized deployments, mainly WISPs. However, if you don’t want to run it as a UISP server, it is possible to use it as a powerful router and choose to adopt to to a cloud hosted UISP server, such as HostiFi or the Ubiquiti UISP Cloud.

On the front of the device, there are nine 1GbE RJ45 ports, with eight being LAN and one being WAN. It is unclear if these can be remapped. Along the right hand side, there are two 10G SFP+ ports, again one being WAN and one being LAN.

Ubiquiti does make it possible to rack mount the device, using the included 1U rack ears for extending the width of the device. All the mounting hardware and screws are included too.

Price and availability

The UISP Console is on sale now in the EU and UK for €364.80 and £323.55 and can be found over on eu.store.com. As of writing, it is actually in stock and also, it is not yet GA in the US.