Big news, the popular little up! GTI has been taken off sale here in the UK this morning with the order books officially closed. Customers are now unable to order a brand new version of the car, with the word from VW that the car has hit the order limit. The German car company hasn’t said when the car would be back on sale, but it is now only available from stock.

The popular car was debuted back in February 2018, for a reasonable £13,750, but has since seen a number of price increases as well as being removed from sale back in the middle of 2019. The 2019 temporary withdrawal was to make the car comply with new emissions regulations and it saw the price increased to near what it was today.

Volkswagen has said the following, when we reached out to them today:

“It is correct that up! GTI has been removed from the new vehicle ordering system and is currently only available from stock. However, this is only applicable to the GTI model and all other variants, in both three and five door versions, are still available to customers and we have a healthy order bank already in the pipeline.

We’re still manufacturing and delivering all up! GTI customer orders that have already been received, which will continue through 2023. Our priority is to manage customer expectations and our order bank with this particular model.

Longer term, Volkswagen as a business is continually evaluating its product range and there are no announcements scheduled relating to the up! model. It remains a popular choice for customers in the small car segment and we look forward to seeing that continue in 2023.”

Prior to today, the Volkswagen up! GTI was on sale from £17,950 for the three-door model and from £18,360 for the five door model. The standard up! models do remain available to order, however.