Some third-party Twitter apps have suddenly stopped working today, such as Fenix, Tweetbot, Twitterific and Twitpane. The developers have publicly announced that they are having issues and more information will be available soon. Some developers have reached out to Twitter to ask what is going on and so far, no one has heard back from the company, due to Twitter no longer having a communications team.

This could be Twitter just shutting down the APIs for third-party clients and it could also be an issue with the Twitter APIs as a whole, as some users on the Twitter Developer forum have reported recently that there has been a lot of issues and bugs with the APIs used for third-party apps, since at least December 2022. It also seems that this is only affecting Android apps and iOS apps are working as intended.

The developer behind Fenix, Matteo Villa has reported that the Android version of his app was suspended and a message appeared which said this app has “violated Twitter Rules and policies.”

As of writing, there is no public communication from Twitter regarding this. In a cynical view, this wouldn’t be surprising if Elon decided to just pull the plug on third party apps for Twitter since some don’t show ads and are incapable of letting users sign up for Twitter Blue, which means lost revenue.