Suzuki is launching a new larger version of the iconic Suzuki off-roader. The larger model will have five doors, making rear access much easier but Suzuki will only be offering it in Africa, Australia, India and Latin America. The car likely won’t be coming to the UK as the outgoing passenger version was dropped from sale here, due to new emissions regulations.

Suzuki currently offers the Jimmy as a commercial vehicle in the UK, to help get around the emissions rules, but that’ll only last so long before the company is forced to remove it from the market for good.

The new five-door variant is based on the same chassis and platform as the three-door but is now a tad longer to accommodate the two extra doors. This extra length shows with the figures too, with the wheelbase grown from 2250mm to 2590mm. The same engine is powering it, with the 1.5-litre K-series with 103bhp and 106lb ft torque, driven with five-speed gearbox, or even a four-speed automatic.

Suzuki hasn’t yet revealed what the interior looks like yet, but the company has said there are some new “special rear seats” – whatever this means, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

Inside the Jimmy is a 9-inch touchscreen with support for wireless Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and a a rear-view camera.

It is not confirmed yet, but it is pretty unlikely the new five-door Jimny will come to the UK or Europe at all.