Jeep has revealed that it is planning on launching a new 4×4 variant of the upcoming all-electric Avenger. The off-road focused model will go on sale in 2024, but Jeep has maintained that the front wheel drive Avenger is just as capable off-road as the Renegade. The Avenger is the first model Jeep has ever launched that was designed for Europe, rather than being a US first model, brought over to the UK and Europe.

So far, Jeep has had around 7,000 pre-orders for the Avenger and uses the Stellantis EV underpinnings, a platform already in use on a wide variety of models, from Peugeot, Vauxhall and others. Regarding the 4×4 model, Jeep hasn’t said much regarding whether it’ll be an all-electric model, or make a combustion variant. When speaking to Auto Express about it, the company did make a clear distinction between BEV and 4×4, for whatever reason.

“It’s another strength of the Avenger. The two-wheel-drive edition is as capable off road as a Renegade. But yes, the 4×4 will arrive, and when it does, it will deliver the ultimate capability. There is a plan; we’re going to launch the BEV and then the 4×4 will arrive in 2024.”

Antonella Bruno – Head of Jeep Europe

As mentioned above, the Jeep Avenger uses the same e-CMP platform as other brands within the Stellantis family is using and the upcoming 4×4 version has a wider track, larger all-terrain tyres as well as improved approach and departure angles. So far, Jeep hasn’t commented on the powertrain for the 4×4 Avenger, so we’ll have to wait and see.