Ubiquiti has been slowly increasing prices of a few products lately. We reported that earlier this month, Ubiquiti had raised price of the unlocked version of the UniFi Phone Touch Max from $129 to $299 and then Ubiquiti will sell the locked version for $129. This week we noticed that the Talk ATA had seen a huge jump of 421% from $19 to $99. This kind of increase has also been seen with the G3 Instant, which was raised from $79 when it used to be just $29 and its the same story for the EU / UK store, jumping from £28.74 in Dec 2020 to now £80.

The UniFi Talk ATA is an unlocked device when it comes to the platform and can be used with either the UniFi Talk subscription or third-party SIP services. This might be Ubiquiti gearing up to make a new locked version of the ATA or just simply making the ATA a less attractive choice, instead steering people towards the locked UniFi Talk phones and then funnelling them through the paid service.