Dacia has recently debuted a new, more powerful version of the all-electric Spring. The car is the only all electric model Dacia offers and has been on sale in most of Europe for around a year, and has proven to be very popular. The company has said that it will be coming to the UK after 2024, once the demand in Romania has slowed down. However, last week Dacia announced a new more powerful version, aptly named the ‘Extreme’.

“In less than 2 years, customers have made Spring one of the leaders in the electric vehicle market with more than 100,000 orders recorded since its launch.”


The Dacia Spring Extreme comes with a more powerful motor, now rated at 48kW (64bhp), up from the standard ‘Essential’ model which has 33kW (44bhp). With the new motor and trim level also comes a new paint colour, with ‘Slate Blue’ as well as copper accents on the door mirrors, roof rails and wheel hubs. The range is 220km (136 miles) on the WLTP mixed cycle and then 305km (189 miles) on the city cycle.

The Dacia Spring Extreme 65kW starts at €22,300 (£19,500) in France, in Germany at €24,550 (£21,500) with the standard 45kW model starts at €20,800 in France and €22,750 in Germany. As mentioned above, Dacia has not yet started to offer the Spring here in the UK and prices are therefore, unknown. The price conversions are based on time of writing exchange rates.