Google announced in September 2022, that its cloud gaming platform, Stadia would be shut down in 2023. Google announced that the official shut down is going to be 18th January 2023 which is actually this Wednesday. However, many Stadia users were concerned that the games controller would become and paperweight and be pretty useless. Even though Google had issues hardware and software refunds, many users like using the controller and have shown public outcry that Google wouldn’t be making it a usable device, once Stadia had been shut down.

However, Google has since revealed that it is now planing on releasing a tool for the Stadia controller which will make it compatible with standard Bluetooth devices. The company says that more details will be revealed this week about how to actually make the controller work with Bluetooth devices.

As a last minute surprise, Google has also released a new game titled “Worm Game” which is a clone of the iconic “Snake” game, but its a test project that the team uses before Stadia was even launched.

Source: Stadia Community