Late last week, Twitter announced that it is now taking early sign ups for organisation verification on Twitter. The program was previously known as Blue for Business and will allow companies and organisations to be accurately verified on Twitter, as well as indicating how many accounts are expected to be affiliated – this being employees and sub-accounts, such as dedicated Twitter profiles for support and one for the main company.

Using the form, which can be found here – organisations will submit a full name, Twitter username, associated websites, affiliated accounts expected organisation size and other information. Once the information is submitted, it’ll be entered into the wait list for verification. It is widely understood at this stage that once the verification system is up and running, businesses will have a gold tick and any affiliated accounts will have a gold tick and the main company logo next to their name, like the image in the Tweet shows above.

Twitter Blue was launched last year, but after a handful of days it was hastily removed after many verified trolls started impersonating companies and celebrities, which ultimately caused a stock dip for Eli Lilly And Co, after a fake account tweeted out stating that “insulin is now free.”