At the end of 2022, Lidl opened four new fast-charging parks at shops in France, which have very competitive prices per kWh and are even open 24/7, which is independent of what the Lidl supermarkets are open. Each of these new locations have a handful of DC and AC chargers, with a range of charging speeds, between 22kWh AC and up to 360kW DC.

All of the charger locations have solar PV panels on the roofs to help offset at least some of the energy usage and drivers can show up and use the apps from charging networks or RFID cards. There will also be support for scanning QR codes to pay online too. The prices are amazing, especially compared to the prices here in the UK. Lidl will charge 25 cents per kWh at the AC units and 40 cents at the DC chargers. Compare that to the UK, where at DC fast chargers it can be anywhere from 60-70p per kWh.

The four new locations are at Lidl supermarkets in Villefranche-sur-Saône, Landivisiau, Pennes-Mirabeau and Tourcoing. So far, the company has said that it has installed 2,300 charging points at more than 500 of its supermarkets.