Earlier this month, it was reported that a Tesla driver in Bavaria, Germany was chased by police for 15 minutes after had fallen asleep with the autopilot self driving system switched on. The driver, 45 had reclined his seat and was driving along the A70 road near Bamberg. The traffic officers ad noticed that the driver was tailing the police car at the exact same distance in front, at 68mph indicating that the car was using autopilot.

Traffic officers also noted that the driver failed to stop for 15 minutes, even after sounding their horns. After the 15 minutes, the driver awoke and was pulled over safely by the officers. Upon inspection of the vehicle, it was clear that the driver had used a steering wheel weight to fool the system into thinking that there were hands on the wheel, in order to keep the autopilot system engaged.

The driver is due in court soon and was forced to surrender his driving licence.