Apple has today released HomePod OS 16.3, just a day after iOS 16.3, watchOS 9.3 and macOS 13.2 was released. This new update can be installed now on the HomePod first and second-generation as well as the HomePod mini. 16.3 contains support for the temperature and humidity sensors on the HomePod mini and the HomePod second-generation as well as some nice improvements for Find My and usability regarding volume control.

The HomePod mini and HomePod second-generation can now utilise the new temperature and humidity sensors built in to them and, no Apple hasn’t released a new HomePod mini – this update is now available for all HomePod mini users! The accuracy seems a little off. SmartApfel noted that Apple themselves have stated that the sensors only work at their most accurate between certain temperatures, between 15 to 30°C and a relative humidity between 30 and 70%.

However, the addition of sensors in the large HomePod and the fact that Apple have enabled support for them in the HomePod mini is great and removes the need for a bunch of extra sensors if people want to play around with HomeKit automations. For something more accurate, look at the Eve Room if the accuracy concerns you that much.

Apple is also adding some improvements to the HomePod first-generation, with more accurate volume adjustments at lower sound levels, which is great as well as greater claierty for spoken word content on the first and second-generation HomePod.

Release Notes

HomePod software version 16.3 includes support for new features for your HomePod. This update also includes bug fixes and stability improvements.

  • Temperature and humidity sensing measures your indoor climate with HomePod (2nd generation) and HomePod mini
  • Remastered ambient sounds are more immersive and can now be added to scenes, automations, and alarms in the Home app
  • Find My on HomePod now enables you to ask Siri for the location of friends and family, if they have shared it with you
  • Recurring Home automations can be set up using just your voice
  • Siri confirmation tone will now play to indicate when smart home requests are completed for accessories that may not visibly show a change or are located in a different room
  • Audio tuning optimizes spoken content such as podcasts for even greater clarity on HomePod (2nd generation) and HomePod (1st generation)
  • Updated volume controls on HomePod (1st generation) give you more granular adjustments at lower volumes


The new updates are out now for the HomePod mini and the HomePod first and second-generation. You can update by going to Home > Three dots (top right) > Home Settings > Software Update. However, most setups are set to automatic updates and should happen in the next few days.