We’ve seen quite a few HomePod updates in the past few weeks, with HomePod OS 16.3 released this week, HomePod mini getting support for its temperature and humidity sensors as well as the all-new HomePod second-generation. However, Apple was also reported to be working on a new HomePod mini, after the current generation was revealed back in 2020.

However, renowned Apple reported Mark Gurman from Bloomberg has reported that he believes that Apple isn’t working on a new version of the HomePod mini just yet, it could be a few years away if they are. Gurman noted that the second-generation HomePod doesn’t include enough new fearers to warrant a new spec bump to the HomePod mini, the only thing would be the S7 chip which for performance on a speaker is negligible. Apple would be better spending its time improving the software for the HomePod, making HomeKit and Siri more reliable.

The new HomePod second-generation that was launched this month adds in some features from the HomePod mini, including Thread and the ultra-wideband support.