Due to ongoing semiconductor shortages, Volkswagen has chosen to stop offering the heat pump on all of its electric vehicles, which affects all the ID models the company offers worldwide. Going forward, any new vehicles produced will do without the heat pump and the affected customers will be offered the choice to not accept the car or accept a discount on the final price of the car.

We reached out to Volkswagen who said the following:

“Due to the ongoing shortage of semiconductors, there is currently no optional offer for the heat pump in our ID. Models. We are monitoring this situation very closely and hope to be able to include the heat pump in our range again soon.”

Volkswagen sources its heat pumps from British company TI Fluid Systems (TIFS) and this affects the Audi Q4 e-tron too in Canada. However, for customers of the Q4 e-tron the heat pump is part of the standard equipment, not optional like on the Volkswagen ID models so it is understood that customers will just receive a credit note. We are not sure yet if customers will be given the option to refuse the car, but Audi should accommodate them if that is the case.

In an electric car, the heat pump helps the heating system be much more efficient, therefore improving the range of the vehicle.