The iconic and popular Suzuki Jimny was sadly dropped from sale in the UK during 2020, mainly due to emissions. Thankfully, for those customers who wanted it – Suzuki did offer a commercial vehicle option, with no back seats. However, as of writing in early 2023, Suzuki doesn’t offer the Jimny, despite it being a cult favourite among owners and enthusiasts.

In terms of electric vehicles, Suzuki is pretty far behind everyone else. The company doesn’t offer any new cars that have an EV option, with only some models being available as a hybrid, which aren’t even PHEV. The company has obviously realised that are behind and have committed to invest £3 billion in battery technology and from 2024 onwards, it’ll launch five new electric cars.

Suzuki revealed a silhouette of an upcoming EV, which clearly represented the shape of the Jimny, with its iconic slatted grille, boxy shape and body shape. So far, the Japanese company hasn’t revealed anything other than that silhouette, but according to their timelines, it’ll be at least available by 2030.

Suzuki also has some other models planned to take full EV, including the eVX concept, which will be similar in size to the a Suzuki S-Cross and have 342 miles of range.