Twitter has killed off CoTweets, less than a year after after being introduced. The feature was introduced in July last year was only initially available in the US, Canada and Korea. Anyone who has previously sent any CoTweets will with someone as the author will have those reverted to a simple Tweet and anyone who has co-authored a Tweet, will have that reverted to a retweet. – Nice and simple.

“For the last several months we’ve been testing a new way to Tweet together using CoTweets. We’re sad to say that the current experiment is coming to an end. CoTweets will no longer be available to create starting Tuesday, 1/31. Already existing CoTweets will be viewable for one more month at which point they will revert to Retweets. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We appreciate the feedback we’ve been given about CoTweets and we’re still looking for ways to implement this feature moving forward. We thank you for trying CoTweets and we’ve enjoyed watching all of your creativity with this feature come to life!”


Since Elon Musk took over Twitter in October 2022, some projects have seemed to be killed off and removed from the priority lists. Since the company has lost around 90% of its staff, with recent reports suggesting that there are only 550 full time engineers currently working at the company. This might not be the end of CoTweets though, as in the quote above it does mention that they could return in the future.

Source: Twitter