Esther Crawford joined Twitter back in 2020 as part of an acquisition of Squad and has since headed up new products at Twitter, with her most notable work being the recent launch of Twitter Blue. Shortly after Twitter was acquired by Elon Musk in 2022, a photo of Crawford asleep at the office went viral.

This tweet (below), cemented Crawford as the face of Twitter Blue and during the messy initial launch of the service last autumn, she was one of the people sharing updates and news regarding what was happening.

However, in the last few days Twitter has performed yet another round of layoffs, of which Crawford was one of. On Saturday evening, it was reported that around 50 staff members were laid off, however Zoë Schiffer from Platformer stated that this number was likely much higher.

According to a Tweet from Schiffer, the layoffs affected many departments within Twitter, including engineering.

As of writing, Twitter is running on much less staff than it used to be. Some reports have alluded to that the company might have cut up to 80% of its original full-time staff since Musk took over in late 2022. Twitter still doesn’t have a press or PR department, so there is no one there to ask for a comment.