Former Twitter founder and CEO, Jack Dorsey started work on a new social media network called Bluesy back in 2019. Initially the project was funded by Twitter, but was spun off to its own company in 2021 when Dorsey stepped down as CEO.

However, since Dorsey left the company Twitter has become a much different place since Elon Musk purchased the company late last year. Musk has made the company feature in the headlines and not always for the best reasons.

Bluesky has launched this week, but is a closed beta only for now. Anyone interested can register and provide their email address over on the Bluesky website. The app is also live on the App Store, but is again invite only for now.

Since Musk took over Twitter last year, a few social media platforms gained popularity, such as Hive and Mastodon. Mastodon has surged in popularity since last year and even we are on their, where you can find posts about our latest stories.