In September 2022, Ubiquiti announced the all new WiFiMan Wizard, a portable spectrum analyser designed primarily for iOS. The device has been redesigned in some small ways since it was launched to the EA store. For example, it now features the new Ubiquiti logo and the case has been changed, with the keyring holder to one side, rather than in the middle.

The WiFiMan Wizard is designed primarily for iOS, due to limitations Apple poses on its platform. Third-party apps cannot access the raw data that could be leveraged from the WiFi chip in Apple’s devices. The WiFiMan Wizard connects via Bluetooth to your iPhone and can also be used with Android too. It is around the same size as a MagSafe Battery pack from Apple and can also be attached via MagSafe to your phone. The keyring attachment would be useful to clip to a backpack while scanning a building, so that your hand isn’t blocking the RF from the device.

The WiFiMan Wizard is battery powered and uses USB-C to charge up. Ubiquiti claims 240 minutes continuous scanning battery life on one charge, from the 300mAh battery.

The new WiFiMan Wizard is on sale now and is in stock, as of writing. It’s available in the US, UK and EU – links are below. Priced at $99 in the US, €111.60 in the EU and £97.87 in the UK.

US Store link

EU/UK Store link