Customers in the UK interested in SpaceX’s Starlink offerings can now choose to rent the equipment from Starlink, as opposed to purchasing it outright. Starlink will offer customers less upfront cost if they choose this option. SpaceX’s Starlink uses thousands of Low Earth Orbit satellites to blanket a good portion of the globe at this point, which has resulted in a highly available, low latency ultrafast broadband connection which can be used in homes and businesses.

Up until now, if you wanted to get started with Starlink you would need to fork out £75 per month, plus £460 for the dish itself – which you will own – also add on £40 for shipping too. If you left Starlink, you would have an expensive dish that would be sitting around. This includes the standard dish, with router. Speeds for £75 per month are between 50mbps and 200mbps, with upload speeds of between 5mbps and 15mbps.

Now, customers wishing to get in on Starlink can now opt to rent the equipment, instead of purchasing it outright. Customers can skip the £460 upfront cost for the dish and router and instead pay £15 extra per month to rent. Starlink will charge a one-time cost of £99 for the activation.

Customers won’t be locked into any kind of contract, with the service and rental charged month-to-month. Starlink also says that customers can get a full refund within 30 days if not satisfied.

Source: Starlink