Microsoft is now making Outlook available for free on macOS, giving customers another mail client to use instead of the default Mail app, that comes with macOS. Microsoft is now offering Outlook available through the Mac App Store for free, something that previously required an active Microsoft 365 subscription, or a one-off licence to Office.

Microsoft already has a free Outlook client for iOS and naturally, it is pitching the macOS client as a good compliment to the iPhone and iPad version. Handoff is supported too, meaning that you can start an email on your phone and immediately carry on on your Mac. The Outlook client will also let you plumb in third-party e-mail services, from Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo and much more.

Microsoft has also taken the opportunity to tout that it is currently rebuilding the Outlook Mac app with a focus on performance and reliability. The natural hope for Microsoft is that users try Outlook and maybe look toward using Office for their productivity, or even subscribe to Microsoft 365.