Tesco in the UK has annoyed quite a few customers in the past few months, with it removing the Clubcard app from the iOS App Store in January 2023. The replacement app is the Tesco Grocery app, which lacks any support for adding the Clubcard to Apple Wallet, for use offline and with an Apple Watch. Many users on the official Tesco Reddit have complained, as have people leaving app feedback on the App Store listing, on iOS.

The Tesco Grocery app allows you to scan your Clubcard, but cannot be used offline or with an Apple Watch. At the time of writing, there is no way yet to add the Clubcard to Apple Wallet from the Tesco Grocery app. We have reached out to Tesco regarding this, but have had no feedback.

Tesco replied to a customer back in February, who recognised the issue but no update has been seen yet.

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