This week, Ubiquiti has released the new UISP Switch Pro, a 24 port PoE Switch with four 10G SFP+ ports for uplinking and downlinking. Like other UISP devices, the Switch Pro only supports 27v passive PoE which is compatible with all 24v passive PoE devices, such as airMAX, GigaBeam and LTU wireless radios. Unfortunately, Ubiquiti hasn’t added any provision for 48v passive, like the 60GHz airFiber devices use, but it is compatible with the UISP Wave AP, at least.

The UISP Switch Pro is listed on the official Ubiquiti store in the EU, UK and the US. At the time of writing, it is listed but not yet available, marked as “coming soon.”

The device has 24 ports, with 16 of them supporting 27V passive PoE. On the right hand side are four 10G SFP+ ports for uplinking and downlinking. For PoE, there is 220W of power budget, with the 16 ports all supporting both 2-pair and 4-pair, with 15W and 30W per port respectively. Like the UniFi switches, the touchscreen on the left side looks to be used for checking IP addresses, port names and much more.

In the US, the UISP Switch Pro is listed for $479, in the UK for £397.81 and in the EU for €453.60.

US Store link

EU/UK Store link