Ubiquiti has this week released UniFi OS 2.5.x for the UDM and UDM Pro, bringing much needed features such as load balancing, improved VPN support and much more. UniFi OS 2.5.17 is out now in Release Candidate form and should go to GA in the next few weeks. With this release too, customers with the UDM will be able to adopt the new U6+ and U6 LR+ access points.

With load balancing, users will be able to use two WAN connections and have internet traffic go over both at the same time, with a choice on the percentage.

Ubiquiti is working hard to get the UDM and UDM Pro up to speed with the latest devices, such as the UDM SE, UDR, UDW and the UXG Pro, for some features.

For more information, see the Ubiquiti Community post.

Important information: You must be on 2.4.27 or newer in order to update to this version. Do not update from 1.12.x to 2.5.x or newer.