Apple is getting ready to open its first physical retail store in India next month, with the first location to be in Mumbai – this is after many delays. The second location will open later on, will be in New Delhi.

The first store will open in April and will be a 22,000 square foot space, with a similar feel to other large stores in cities around the world, such as in Los Angeles, New York, Beijing, and Singapore. Location will be in the Jio World Drive mall.

The second store in India will be in New Delhi and will be a smaller location, around 12,000 square foot. Location will be in the Select CityWalk mall. This store is due to open sometime between April and June 2023 and it could be, some days after the Mumbai opens, according to The Economic Times.

India has become a very important location for Apple in the last few years. Back in 2020 the Apple Online Store opened for the first time and Apple has recently started producing more models of the iPhone in India. The iPhone 14 is made in India and models going back to the first generation iPhone SE, have also been made in India.

Most of the population of India uses Android devices, but considering the country is now the second largest smartphone market in the world – Apple has plenty of room for growth.