For around a month now, customers (like myself) with the Ubiquiti UniFi G5 Bullet have been seeing issues where the camera goes offline and needs power cycling to bring back online again. Typically, issues like this can be resolved by checking the PoE switch, the PoE injector or checking the cable itself for any issues. However, as myself and other users of this camera have seen, the issues still remain despite checking all of these factors.

UI-Glenn on the official Ubiquiti Community has responded to some users and said that “UniFi Protect 2.7.34 should address the issue.” which is currently unavailable and should be soon.

The G5 Bullet was announced in January earlier this year and builds on the previous model, the G4 Bullet but comes in at a lower price. Night-time video is better quality as is daytime, thanks to a larger sensor. For a full comparison of the G4 Bullet vs the G5 Bullet, see our guide here.