Starlink RV has been rebranded to Starlink Roam last week, also coinciding with the addition of global roaming. The new Starlink Roam product is officially replacing the ‘RV’ plan and will now cost $200 per month, rather than $150 per month. The outgoing RV plan had a limitation where it could only be used in certain geographical areas, which in doing so would mean the connectivity for people travelling could be unreliable or not work at all.

Starlink RV used to cost $135 per month, but just in February this year the prices were upped to $150. Customers can chose to use the larger “Flat High Performance Terminal” for use whilst a vehicle is in motion. In that scenario, the dish can be mounted to the roof of a vehicle, such as an EV and will work while moving. Otherwise, the standard dish is used and cannot be used as such.

Customers can also take the dish abroad, but if it is used in one country for more than two months – then the address on file might need re-registering. Starlink has also mentioned that in some counties where it is not yet authorised to offer connectivity, such as India the coverage and connectivity might not be ideal.

Source: Starlink & SpaceX Tweet