Volkswagen has recently debuted the new ID. 2all concept, which looks pretty much like a current Polo. The new car will go on sale in 2026 and is the first model to use the new MEB Entry platform, designed for smaller cars the company is planning on launching. Volkswagen says the ID. 2all is as “spacious as a Golf and as inexpensive as a Polo” and will cost from around £22k or less.

Volkswagen launched the ID.3 back in April 2021 and since then it has seen price increases from £28,000 back in February 2021, now up to £39,000 in 2023. The ID.3 City is now not available, but regardless, Volkswagen has increased the price of the ID.3 in the last few years.

The new ID. 2all is just a concept at this stage but, if it is anything to go by it’ll be a diffract rival for similar sized EVs, such as the Peugeot e-208 and Vauxhall Corsa-e. Based on the concept, Volkswagen seems to have listened to the common criticisms of the ID.3 and other ID models, such as the lack of buttons, poor performing software and other issues. The styling too has been toned down, which is why the ID. 2all resembles the Polo.

For the drivetrain, it is front wheel drive only, whereas the ID.3 can be rear or all wheel drive. All of the components are mounted at the front, which makes production simpler and cheaper. The motor has 223bhp, with a range of up to 280 miles although this is subject to change, of course. The battery options will be 38kWh and 56kWh, with the maximum 280 miles of range coming in the larger of the two.

Thanks to the lack of any drivetrain components in the rear, this has also allowed Volkswagen to offer a huge boot, with a storage compartment underneath the floor, with a lockable 50 litre box underneath the rear seats. This can be used for the charging cables, but also a laptop and other valuables.

Volkswagen is also working on an even cheaper EV, that will be around £17,500. The new ID. 2all is just a concept at this stage, but it is due to go on sale in 2026.