Tesla has been busy in the last few weeks opening up support for more third party access to its charging network. Back in early 2022, Tesla started the program which allowed non-Tesla electric vehicles to charge on the renowned Supercharger network. The initial rollout started with the Netherlands and it is now expanding throughout the UK and Europe for people to use.

In the last few days, Tesla has opened up more Supercharger locations for use, but the amount of countries within Europe that can benefit from this has not changed. However, there are now more locations added.

For example, in Germany there are 153 Supercharger locations, with 69 now available to be used by Tesla and non-Tesla EVs. This number was at 16 in June 2022. It is not yet known how many customers are using Superchargers to charge non-Tesla as the company hasn’t revealed any statistics, but we would imagine that during busy seasons that usage spikes.