Domino’s in the US are now accepting orders that are made through its new CarPlay app. The app allows you to do limited orders, so fully customisable orders still need to be made through its other channels, such as the dedicated iOS app, the website and more. The CarPlay app only lets you place some default or any previously made orders from your account.

The app will be pre-installed on CarPlay if you already have the Domino’s app on your iPhone. Once you open the app, you have two options “Tap to Order” or “Call to Order.” The first one is pretty self explanatory, you can choose those default orders we mentioned and then the latter will just call the nearest Domino’s location to you. The iconic Domino’s Tracker is even on the CarPlay app for easy order checking on the go.

Domino’s has experimented over the years with unique ordering experiences, such as using the Xbox One back in 2014, Apple Watch and now CarPlay. For now the integration is only available in the US.