Vauxhall has decided to stop offering diesel versions of the new Astra hatchback and estate, citing poor demand for the power-train. A large amount of car companies have been stepping back from offering diesel options of its cars lately, with BMW recently, Vauxhall with the Corsa last year and many more.

Like many car companies, Vauxhall is also planning on becoming on EV only brand in the next few years, with it setting 2028 as the year it will do so.

Vauxhall said the following when asked for a comment on the matter.

“Vauxhall is moving to being an electric-only brand by 2028 and has already streamlined its powertrain offering to focus on electrified variants. Diesel represented 6% of the C-hatch market in 2022. Astra and Astra Sports Tourer remain available in petrol, plug-in hybrid and will shortly launch a fully electric variant.”

Vauxhall UK

For the previous generation Astra, Vauxhall only sold 876 units in 2021, compare that to 2020 with 1,682 and then 1,980 in 2019. Petrol versions have been pretty consistant since 2020, with 5,311 in 2021 and 5,811 in 2020 and then pre-covid 18,463 in 2019.

So far, Vauxhall has sold 3,215 units of the brand new Astra and just 244 of them were diesel.

Vauxhall is planning on launching the new all-electric Astra pretty soon, with a 54kWh battery pack, 258 miles of range, 100kW DC charging and a 153bhp motor.