Ubiquiti is moving fast with getting the UDM and UDM Pro up to speed with the other UniFi OS Consoles. Just today, Ubiquiti has released the first version of UniFi OS 3.x to the ‘Release Candidate’ (RC) channel, bringing many more new features to the UDM and UDM Pro, such as WireGuard VPN server, VPN Client Routing, Ad Blocking and much more.

UniFi OS 3.0.20 has been in the EA channel for a little while and was only just released to RC today. GA launch is expected to happen in the next few weeks, based on previous timings. For critical applications, it is advised to wait for GA. Ubiquiti also mentions that you must be on 2.5.17 or newer in order to update to this version. They explicitly say to not update to 3.0.20 from an older version. Once on 3.0.20, downgrading to anything older than 3.0.9 will not be possible.

Our top changes in this release:

  • Added Ad Blocking feature
  • Added Admin Activity to System Log in UniFi OS
  • Added Trigger logs in the Network Application
  • Added WireGuard VPN Server support
  • Added VPN Client routing

Full release notes from Ubiquiti can be found here.