Image © the interface 2023
Image © the interface 2023

At the Commercial Vehicle Show 2023 at the NEC last week, German van manufacturer B-ON showed off its electric commercial vehicle, the Max. The van has been in development, production and use since 2015 and the company was previously known as StreetScooter.

In the early days of the company, Deutsche Post purchased the company and have been using the electric vans for its postal service as well as for DHL. From 2015-2018, 10,000 electric vans were delivered with 9,000 of them going to use for Deutsche Post/DHL.

The B-ON Max had never been previously seen in the UK up until last week and it is now available to be reserved. However, prices are not yet available. There are two models available, the Giga Pure and Giga Box. The Pure is just a chassis cab and it can be used for anything you want, the Max has a pre-made cargo box with capacity for 1034kg of payload.

Inside, there is a heated windscreen, heated mirrors, heated seats and an infotainment screen but details are not yet available.

Electric range is 147km 100 miles for the Box but no figures have been released for the Pure, as it does depend what is on the back. No DC charging here, only AC up to 11kW and that’ll take 3 hours from 0-80%.