The new G5 Flex came out a few months ago and it replaces the older G3 Flex. During the launch of the G4 line of cameras, Ubiquiti never updated the Flex camera so it has skipped a generation. Unlike the G5 Bullet, the G5 Flex isn’t cheaper than the outgoing model, but it does have a pretty much identical design. The new Ubiquiti logo has been used here and moved down to the lower section of the camera, thanks to being the same size, all the existing accessories, mounts and covers should work with both the G3 and G5 Flex.

Looking at the spec sheet, Ubiquiti has upped the camera quality from 2MP to 5MP and added support for smart detections, so the camera will be able to detect vehicles, people and also listen out for smoke and CO alarms.

The older G3 Flex costs $79 in the US €85.61 in the EU and £76.06 in the UK. The G5 Flex is a notable amount more at $129 in the US €141.59 in the EU and £124.67 in the UK.

G3 Flex

G5 Flex

Power Type

802.3af / 24V passive / 48V passive

802.3af / 48V passive

Camera Megapixel



Connectivity Method

Ethernet - 10/100MbE

Ethernet - 10/100MbE


White Body
Black Lens Surround

White Body
Black Lens Surround

Build Material



Special Features

Versatile mounting options

Versatile mounting options


25 FPS

30 FPS





1920 x 1080

688 x 1512

Night Vision

Integrated IR LEDs

Integrated IR LEDs

Weatherproof rating



Operating Temperature

-20 to 40° C (-4 to 104° F)

-20 to 40º C (-4 to 104º F)

Resistance rating




$79 US / €85.61 EU / £76.06

$129 US / €141.59 EU / £124.67 UK


The new G5 Flex has been out for a few months and so far, it seems to have a good quality sensor and if the G5 Bullet is anything to go by the night time footage should be greatly improved. The addition of smart detections is a welcome change and brings the camera up to speed with the rest of the UniFi Protect lineup. However, the notable price increase is something to bear in mind if you are budgeting for a new camera system.

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EU/UK Store Link

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